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[K]- Never Forgotten [K]- Never Forgotten

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You have a future!

And you ARE A ROBOT! Yes, it's nice, keep it up.

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Korpze responds:

lol thx...

[K]- Power [K]- Power

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You're Excellent

Good upload buddy, but it needs more cow bell. ;)

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Korpze responds:

lol, more? dont think i have any... oh well.
thx for the review £l o £l

CowCow Rag CowCow Rag

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Excellent Work!

I like what you do!

~Goddess~ -hania ~Goddess~ -hania

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:) You're so beautiful.

The lyrics you wrote for this are wonderful.

[sighs] Do you have a MySpace or YouTube account? I'd like to know more about you...

You are the best artist I've heard on all of NewGrounds.

I'm not going to be a moron and say "I LOVE YOU!" I don't know you... but I do adore your music. I believe it's in my top five through the whole world of music I have experienced thus far.

I'm going to promote you on my blog. It's at --- it won't help too much, as I am still a simple nobody.

Some day, I, you, we'll be someone. You are traveling faster than I... but I'll see you at the finish line ok Hania?

Thank you again for your music.

~Inspiration~ -hania ~Inspiration~ -hania

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So beautiful.

Hania, your music is becoming more beautiful than ever before.

I know you will be famous, and have plenty of music some day, so while you're still young, and wise --- remember to respect yourself, despite all the pressure, maintain who you are now, and only accept improvements, never an outside corruption.

You are beautiful, your music is beautiful.

You are as good as an Angel on earth.

Continue making your beautiful music, you will change the world some day.

Hypnotize X-rated (hania) Hypnotize X-rated (hania)

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This is pure brilliance.

I love this song so much. It is truly amazing. You should be much more famous than you are. You should share it with a few new outlets.

-Gold Saucer Remake- -Gold Saucer Remake-

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I love how insane this is. Great job.

--Silver Rain--- - - --Silver Rain--- - -

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I love your use of bass and overall the overall tone of this one. You are truly amazing.

Technoraptorical--_--GOA Technoraptorical--_--GOA

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What makes your music amazing? I'll tell you.

The wonderful thing about this song is that you play with the sound so much, and do such a beautiful job of making it sound wonderful.

I full-heartedly believe that you could make lots of money off of this. Please go out and try to get recognized. This is the beginning for you. If I were a director, I would use your music in a heart beat.

In fact, I may use it in the next YouTube video I have. (user name Onision) --- If you don't want me to use it, just tell me... be otherwise, expect to see it in an upcoming release with your credits on it.

PERVOK responds:

I don't see any reason why to say no to that :) I'll keep my eyes open on YouTube :)

Thanks for the review (and the compliments) friend :D

(::Towards The Sun::) =FINAL= (::Towards The Sun::) =FINAL=

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I've been out of it for a while now, I am sorry for the late response. This is a very good tune. Very calming.

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Hey, no problem, I usually don't review your new songs lol.